State and local governments have passed a number of health and safety ordinances applicable to businesses. Complying with these regulations, which are constantly changing, is daunting. The FENIX audit provides both peace of mind to your employees and guests and can limit your exposure to liability from guests and employees, and from non-compliance with governmental regulations.

Our comprehensive audit will provide you with an extensive assessment of your office and its compliance with sanitation and health codes and regulations. Not only can we determine whether you are following all the necessary guidelines and requirements, but we may also be able to detect unsafe hazards that will need to be addressed.

Our third-party inspections allow you to monitor whether your employees are applying your health and sanitation standards properly and consistently. Our third-party inspections are undertaken by certified inspectors who understand the health inspection process extensively, and know your local health and sanitation ordinances.

We will review your inspection results, identify areas of concern, and most importantly – provide recommendations for corrective actions.

The FENIX Process

Overall Scores, with Hierarchical Comparisons

Aggregate Sectional Scoring

Drill Down Reporting

Global Performance Heat Mapped Reporting

Outlier Reporting

Overall areas of Improvement

Magic Quadrant

Overall Key Question Analysis

Drill-Down Stack Ranking

Aggregate Audit Reporting

Additional Services

First-Party Audits

Mitigate Risk by conducting site audits using your own staff or contractors by shift, daypart, or weekly basis with our technology. This tool serves to compliment our audits, or can be used as a stand alone product to keep track of health and sanitization protocol by municipality or global company standards.

Kaizen Action Plans

Based on the Kaizen method, our action planning tool provides businesses with the necessary tools to create a workflow of organized events focused on improving health, safety, and sanitation standards that are revealed by using our FENIX third-party audits and first-party audit programs.