Transacting in the Currency of Trust.

The New Normal requires businesses to show a clear and demonstrative commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations for health, safety, and sanitation for their employees and customers. Regardless of the vertical or industry, FENIX’s audit program helps global businesses transact in that currency of trust.

Our third-party audits provide unbiased and extensive insight into your health and sanitation processes and procedures. Our global network of consultants engage in onsite audits, in which they evaluate your existing processes and procedures to ensure compliance with local health and safety codes, and industry best practices. The FENIX Audit and certification process provides both peace of mind to your customers and employees, and limits your exposure to liability from both, and non-compliance with governmental regulations.

The FENIX Process

Overall Scores, with Hierarchical Comparisons

Aggregate Sectional Scoring

Drill Down Reporting

Global Performance Heat Mapped Reporting

Outlier Reporting

Overall areas of Improvement

Magic Quadrant

Overall Key Question Analysis

Drill-Down Stack Ranking

Aggregate Audit Reporting

Additional Services

First-Party Audits

Mitigate Risk by conducting site audits using your own staff or contractors by shift, daypart, or weekly basis with our technology. This tool serves to compliment our audits, or can be used as a stand alone product to keep track of health and sanitization protocol by municipality or global company standards.

Kaizen Action Plans

Based on the Kaizen method, our action planning tool provides businesses with the necessary tools to create a workflow of organized events focused on improving health, safety, and sanitation standards that are revealed by using our FENIX third-party audits and first-party audit programs.

Our Technology:

We know that humans make mistakes, and frankly, that is not good enough for us. We, therefore, use top-of-the-line technology augmented with AI. Our platform, which has become the standard by which all on-site assessment software is compared, has been used to conduct tens of millions of third-party audits and first-party audits for over two decades in over 40 languages and 150 countries. With real time notifications, our robust reporting suite does everything from data aggregation to mining for outliers; businesses trust our technology to help improve their day-to-day business operations. Our system helps to eliminate fraud and duplication; with our on-site verification, we provide provable, validated, and trusted data, ultimately leading to actionable information. Our global pool of trained auditors number in the millions, and allows us to deploy the right team for the right business at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world. This is what sets FENIX apart as an independent health inspection service, and it lets you know that our quality claims are not just empty promises; they are hard facts based in reality.